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Doll 10 Beauty 5 Piece Lip Crayon and 6 Piece Nude Lip Wardrobe for Holiday 2017

This blog features two more Doll 10 Beauty lippie sets for Holiday 2017! The 5 Piece Lip Crayon Collection and 6 Piece Nude Lip Wardrobe. Usually I would do a dedicated post for each set, but life gets in the way sometimes and I'm a bit behind on my content. It happens. But both sets are great so read on for more and swatches.

Obia Naturals Review and Discount

Obia Naturals is a brand I was pretty unfamiliar with until I received these products! Once I researched them and saw they won some NaturallyCurly awards, I knew they had to be good. Then once I tried them myself that thought was confirmed! There are some hits and misses for me with this brand. Read on for my thoughts and review, plus a discount!

November 2017 Favorites, Empties and 2 Hair of the Days

Hi everyone!! This post is late, but the last week and so have been rough. This post features my November 2017 Favorites, Empties plus a Day 1 and 2 "Hair of the Day" Continue reading for more.

DevaCurl MirrorCurls Shine Serum

DevaCurl MirrorCurls Shine Serum is one of my favorite hair stylers in the existence of the entire universe! I wanted to take some time to tell you all about it, so continue reading on!

Lush Cosmetics Just to Clarify Jelly Face Mask

I really enjoy Lush Cosmetics' Fresh Face Masks. When they released a new jelly mask that does not need to be kept in the fridge and has a longer shelf life a couple of months ago, I knew I had to try one ASAP. I decided to try the "Just to Clarify" out of all of the options. Read on for my thoughts and review.

Hair and Makeup of the Day for a Wedding!

I know I have not done a detailed Hair of the Day in quite a while! I got to dress up last Friday for the wedding of 2 dear friends so of course it was important my hair and makeup came out nice! Read on for the details!

Doll 10 Beauty Face and Eye Palette with 4 Looks!

 Doll 10 Beauty released a limited edition Face and Eye Palette for Holiday 2017! It also includes a double ended brush. This palette is small but packs some serious punch! I've been loving it since I received it. Read on for more.
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