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First Use: Ouidad Ready, Set, Clean! Hair and Scalp Rinse

Right now, I'm on a clarifying and protein treatment schedule of every three weeks. It seems to be working well for me, although if needed, I will sneak another clarifying wash in between. This post talks about the one I just did. Read on for more

Husband Cuts My Curly Wavy Hair!

If you've read my last few blog posts (thank you), you may have noticed how badly I needed a trim. Since we're still in quarantine, there was no going to a salon, so I had my (non hair professional) husband help me out! Read on for more.

First Wash Post Trim, Day 2 & Curly Girl "Rules" I Don't Follow

This post features a great wash day, my first one since my husband trimmed my hair, the day 2 and also a video about Curly Girl "Rules" I do not follow. Read on for more!

Wash Day with Oway Silk'N Glow line for Frizzy, Unmanagable Hair

This post talks about a great wash day using the Oway Silk'n Glow line for medium to thick, coarse and frizzy hair to help hair become silky, shiny and less frizzy, plus some stylers. Read on for more.

Day 2 Curly Hair Refresh Demo with Day 1 and 2 Hair

This is another blog post with a Wash Day and also Day 2 hair using all Oway. But this post has something special that I haven't done in a long time: an updated Day 2 Refresh Demo! My Day 2 refresh does not get the hair rewet, nor do I use a diffuser. Read on for more!

Clean Beauty Curly Hair Favorites (Besides Oway)

I've been posting a lot about Oway lately, I love the products and the brand and have been experimenting with them every wash. But, I've gotten a few requests for other products and brands I still love and recommend, so here I am to happily suggest! Read on for more.

First Use of Oway Rebuilding Line and Silk'N Glow Comparison

Today was my first use of the Rebuilding Hair Bath and Mask for damaged hair from Oway Organics. Before today, the only Hair Bath I used (and loved) was the Silk'N Glow. In this post, I talk about the Rebuilding line, compare it to Silk'N Glow and also talk about my results. Read on for more.

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