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My Favorite Oway Products (so far)

I've been using Oway Organics products since around March-ish of this year. I have not tried every single product and still have some I want to play around with in various ways, but I thought I'd talk a little bit about my favorite products by the brand so far. It was going to be top 5, but I found that to be impossible so we have a top 10! Read on for more.

Olaplex No 0: First Use Impressions and Demo

When Olaplex posted a teaser of their new product on their Instagram, I nearly lost control in excitement. I love the brand and their treatments are amazing, so I knew whatever newness was coming my way I would be buying the day it launched. And, I did. Read on for my first impressions of the NEW Olaplex No 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment!

More Than A Trim, Wash Day and Day 2

I needed a trim again and I had my husband trim more than I really wanted, but my hair needed it. It's feeling a lot better and looker thicker now. I talk about it, details of this wash day and even day 2 in this post! Read on for more.

All About Oway Oils, Serums and Elixirs!

Oway Organics has a fantastic variety of oils, oil sprays and serums ranging from super lightweight to more weightier. They all have hair treatment benefits, since it is Oway after all, but the products do have some differences and that can be a little overwhelming if you are new to the brand and unsure where to start. My hopes is that this post can help! Read on for more.

Hair of the Day: 3 Wash Days (with one fail) One Day 2 and Two Day 3s

This is quite a post since my life outside of blogging and such has been a bit hectic lately and I need to play catch up! I have three wash days including one fail plus one with clarifying and a protein treatment, a windy Day 2 and two Day 3s. Read on!

Nighttime Curly Wavy Routine - Demo ft Prose Custom Hair Care

This post features my nighttime routine of prepping my curly wavy hair before bed. Lately very often I've been reaching for Prose Custom Hair Care Leave-In Conditioner and Oil and they've been working beautifully. Read on for more plus a demo!

Oway Quick Glue Extra-Strong Styling Putty

Today's Oway Styling Products Review is all about the Oway Quick Glue Extra-Strong Styling Putty! Spoiler: I REALLY like this one! Read on for my thoughts and review.

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