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Why I'm Using Silicones In My Hair Now

For YEARS I was following the Curly Girl Method quite intensely, avoiding sulfates, silicones and more at all costs. I was so scared of silicones because of everything I heard about them not being good for hair. BUT recently, I learned that right now MY HAIR NEEDS SILICONES because of damage. I also learned, not all silicones are actually bad! I started using them again in my routine, and I'm seeing a positive difference. In this post, I will explain why I am using them again, even quoting actual professionals, as well as linking my sources. Read on for more.

2 Washes in 3 Days bc Ew, Sweat! Day 2, and Aphogee Reconstructor

This post has two wash days within three days, thanks to intense work outs, and also a day 2. I tried a few new products and discuss my first impressions of them in here also. Trying to get my hair back to looking decent after the damage disaster has been stressful and not easy, but I think I'm SLOWLY getting there. Read on for more.

Tweak-d By Nature Stylers and Cleansing Treatments

A few months ago I did a blog post on the Tweak-d by Nature Dhaetelo Restore Ancent Rituals Rejevenating Treatment Oil and Restorative Face and Body Butter. Since then, I've been playing around with a lot more products from the line and really have been enjoying everything. Here are my thoughts on some of the styling products and cleansing hair treatments from Tweak-d by Nature!

Hair of the Days 1-3, 1 Again and Hair Chat

This post has a full hair cycle from wash day up until Day 3 and then another wash. I also discuss some hair updates and chat as well and give beginning feedback on newer to me products. Read on for more.

Curls and Potions Hair Products Review Part 1

Curls and Potions is a brand of hair care products which include a lot of Ayurvedic herbs, natural butters, oils and extracts to help hair look and feel its best. Their site says that "Our products were created to focus on length retention, growth, and to help get the best wash-n-go possible." I'm all about length retention and healthy growth! I've been a fan of their rice water rinse for years, and more recently have been trying more products and have been quite pleased. Read on a detailed post on all the products I've been playing with from the brand.

December 2019 Beauty Favorites and Empties!

Today I have my monthly favorites and empties in beauty for December 2019!

Doll 10 Beauty HydraGel Lipstick Model Quad

I get way too excited when Doll 10 releases new lippies. For good reason though, their lippies are some of the absolute best, and they always manage to top themselves which each new release! Today I'm talking about their new set of HydraGel Lipstick Model Quad. Read on for more.

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