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Oway Bungee Fiber Styling Paste Review

As I continue to try out the styling products from Oway Organics, for the past couple of washes I used the Bungee Fiber Styling Paste as my "gel" step on wet hair. Read on for my thoughts!

Save Me From July Promo Discounts! Amazing Hair and Scalp Treatments!

I use the Save Me From Hair and Scalp Reboot Treatments just about every wash. They are holy grail status for me and have made such a difference in my hair getting healthy again. Their site is having two different promotions right now, which is a perfect opportunity to try these treatments. Read on for the details!

Function of Beauty Custom Hair Care Initial Review + Discount

I recently added Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo and Conditioner into my haircare regimen. I've been curious about them for a while and a lot of people have asked me for my thoughts, so when I saw a nice deal on them a few months ago, I caved in. This post talks a little about the products and also has my initial review. Read on for more.

Two "Hair of The Days" Wash Days and More

This post features two wash days trying another new to me styler from Oway, as well as revisiting some old favorites, clarifying, another protein treatment and a Day 2 and Day 3. Read on for more!

Oway Water Resin Styling Pomade Review

I am slowly trying out a lot of the styling products from Oway Organics. Today's post is about the Water Resin Medium Hold Styling Pomade. I spoke about it a little in this post, but wanted to give the product a dedicated post as well. Read on for more!

I Brushed Out My Curly Wavy Hair

I usually wash my hair twice a week, but with sweaty workouts and going to the beach, lately I've been washing three times a week moreso for my scalp's health than anything else. Scalp health is SO important, but that's a topic for another blog post. Admittedly, I was feeling lazy with this third wash day and not wanting to do my whole curly styling routine. I was expecting to just braid my hair and call it a day, but...I didn't hate the results. Read on for more about how I brushed my curly wavy hair while wet and dry and didn't hate it!

June 2020 Beauty Favorites and Empties

We're halfway through 2020. Another month is over which means I have another month worth of beauty favorite and empties in curly hair care, skincare and makeup! Read on for more.

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