Hair Growth Update 19

So one of the first things I started on my YouTube channel was a monthly hair growth video. I have a goal to grow my hair as long as possible (maybe to butt? we shall see) and grow it healthy while doing so.

Every month I do a little video talking about what what working for my hair growth that month and also showing my current length.

If you see the first video to the most recent you can tell I am really making some nice progress!

Here is the most recent video, for September 2013:

I also have a convienent playlist on my channel of all the past hair growth updates if you decide to visit some old videos to see how far i have come:
^clicking the above link will bring you to my playlist.

Now that I have a blog along with my youtube, I can also show still pictures of my hair growth progress! woohoo!!!!

these pictures were taken with my cell phone camera maybe 2 weeks ago? from now on for the blog's sake, i will be using my regular digital camera.

 i kind of sort of can really use a trim. my boyfriend trims my hair (he's not a hair stylist, i don't know what kind of scissors and he follows the chapter in "The Curly Girl handbook" by Lorraine Massey on how to do it) but i will probably get a trim to get rid of dead ends by end of October.

<3 Diane

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