Got a Curly Wavy Trim!!

I'm sure you hear it time and time again: the way to grow your hair long and keep it nice and healthy is to be consistent with your trims. I've read in so many places that the "ideal" time period you should go between trims is 8 to 12 weeks. Well I have a confession: I always wait longer.

 I have been trying to grow my hair out for years, and have more terrible cuts and way too much chopped off by hair stylists- I have get-a-trim-a-phobia big time! I don't think I am the only Curly Wavy person who has this phobia either- am I right?? I'm almost convinced an "inch"  just has to be bigger in the hairstyling school textbooks than around the world.

I get so nervous regarding trims, that my current stylist whom I've been with over a year and is absolutely amazing at my color & styling doesn't trim my hair. So who is the only human on this earth I let near my locks with a pair of scissors? My not-a-certified-hairstylist boyfriend! He has been trimming my hair now since January 2013. Saturday was the third time he did so. I originally decided to let him trim my hair because I figured a) it can't be worse than haircuts I have had in the past and b) he trims his own longer-than-shoulder-length (and beautiful might I add) hair and does an excellent job.

A question I get often when I mention he trims my hair in my YouTube Videos is how does he do it. Prior to the first time he trimmed, I had him read the whole chapter in "The Curly Girl Handbook Expanded Second Edition" by Lorraine Massey. I strongly suggest this book for girls (and guys!) with any kind of wavy, curly to kinky hair- it will change your life, but that is a whole different post. But there is a whole chapter explaining exactly how to trim hair like mine. He trims it when it is dry and picks up curl by curl.

I love and completely agree with the philosophy in the book that says since we wear out curly hair dry, we should cut it dry to see how much is getting chopped off and where it will land. I'm sure I am not the only one who has had previous cuts on wet hair thinking not much was taken off only to have my hair dry and curls bounce back up and be INCHES shorter than expected. So this method works well for me.

<-----before trim

                                      after trim ------>

 Prior to this trim I have not trimmed my hair since the first week of June (It is now mid October) So that is over 4 months in between. Sure I had some split ends, but I really do drag out the time period between trims until it reaches that point of no return.  Seriously, having been obsessed with my hair for a while now, I have learned to listen to the signs of when trim time is here.

Some signs that my hair is in need of a trim are:
-I start shedding more (not sure why this is)
-the ends feel like hay despite the amount of expensive deep conditioner I use.
-my waves and curls just don't get as defined and "pop" like usual
-my hair looks more frizzy
-my hair remains looking dry all over, again despite the amount of conditioning

not  much hair on floor = successful trim!

Now I am not going to tell you what you should do for your own hair- remember each head is different. Perhaps some of you can get away with waiting 5 months or more. Just look at not only the actual split ends of your hair and how your hair is behaving overall and it will let you know it's time. But please, don't feel you are "obligated" to get your hair trimmed, especially if you are trying to grow it, just because a certain amount of time has passed and you think it's only right. If your hair is in good condition, wait a bit longer.

Oh, and remember- regular deep treatments, not using heat styling tools often and general tender love and care for your tresses regularly with keep split ends to a minimum and help the condition of your hair overall.

<3 Diane

disclaimer: I am NOT a professional hair stylist nor do I claim to me. Everything is this post is written solely based on my own personal experiences and observations.


  1. I completely agree with being terrified to get a trim on my curly hair! Especially since going with the CG method I have yet to get a trim. I'm so scared to go to my hair stylist and "tell" her how she should cut my curly hair. I hopefully will soon! Great post and your hair looks real good and healthy after the trim!

    1. i wouldn't be afraid to tell a stylist what you want- it is a service you are spending your hard earned money on. but i completely understand being afraid on if they will listen or not. good luck! and thank you for the compliment =)


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