How i Diffuse my Curly Wavy Hair!

I prefer to air dry my hair. It's a lot less damaging and I like how my hair looks air dried. However there are times I do not have up to six hours for my hair to air dry and I must blow dry my hair. I also tend to blow dry it more in winter because I get cold super easy and don't like walking around all day freezing.

So how do I blow dry my hair? See below =)

Check out this video on how I diffuse my curly wavy hair. 

Some people might argue constant touching of the hair will make it frizzier. They are both right and wrong. Yes, constant touching of the hair does make it frizzier however I have to manipulate my hair to get the look I desire while blow drying. But as soon as the dryer is off and I am done, I keep my hands off so there will be no frizz.

The most important things to remember when blow drying curly and wavy hair are:
---ALWAYS use a diffuser (the circle thing with the prongs attached to the end)
---make sure to use a good heat protector so your hair doesn't get fried
---keep your blow drier on the lower heat setting when possible for less damage
---never hold the dryer in the same place for longer than a few seconds at a time. always keep it moving
---finish off using the dryer's "cool" setting to close the cuticle
---try not to blow dry more than 2x a week MAX
---dryers that are "ionic" "ceramic" or contain both are better for the hair

I hope you find this video and tips helpful.

<3 Diane

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