How I Style My Curly Wavy Hair After Shower

How you style and what you do with your curly and wavy hair immediately after the shower while hair is still wet makes all the difference in how your hair will look and behave when it is dry.

There are various ways to apply product and work with your hair to achieve nice, shiny, frizz free, defined curls. My 2 favorite ways are the Ouidad "rake & shake" method and the devacurl methode with the hair flipped over. Both ways give me great results- the main difference to me is when using the Devacurl way it takes a bit less time.

I have videos on both!

This video on the rake & shake method was done in Sept 2012- it is over a year ago! I don't use those products much anymore as I greatly prefer products that are silicone free. But if your hair is cool with using silicones, they are nice.

this video showing the devacurl way was done in summer 2013 so it is more recent. i find myself styling this way more often before it is quicker as previously mentioned.

no matter what method i use to style my hair or what products, i generally apply in this order:
-leave in conditioner (for my dry hair a regular conditioner left in works best)
-living proof prime style extender (it really does extrend my style)
-living proof restore cream on the ends (i'm addicted to this too)
-silicone free foam or mousse (devacurl foam & sheamoisture curl & shine mousse are my faves)** i don';t always use this, but lately i love the extra curl definition it provides.
-gel (devacurl arcangel is my go to, but i play with others)
-oil (argan oil is my sealing oil of choice)

it truly makes a difference applying products sections by sections as opposed to taking a big wad of gel in your hand and expecting it to evenly coat your whole entire head of hair at once. Also, don't be afraid to scrunch, scrunch, scrunch when your hair is wet to encourage the best curl formation- but once you are done styling hands off until the hair is dry- unless you like your hair to be very frizzy.

<3 diane

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