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So I am a bit behind on blogging vs. actually putting videos on Youtube. If you are a YouTube subscriber of mine (thank you ;) ) you probably know a little over a week ago I colored my hair lighter (seperate blog post on that whole thing soon) and also decided to have my hair blown out at the salon.

Now I don't wear my hair straight often. Reason #1 is because it is damaging, #2 because I do enjoy my curls and #3 because quite frankly, after a while it gets annoying having to worry and freak out that a droplet of rain or a too sweaty work out will ruin the time and effort spent getting my hair is stay straight and look decent.

But since it was the week of Halloween and I love dressing up and not looking like my usual self, while at the salon I did the get the blow out (confession: I was way to lazy to do it myself. Even though I lift weights and work out regularly
blowing out my thick long hair makes my arms TIRED) Last time my hair was straight was in January and the time before that was in 2010!! So I mean it when I say I don't wear my hair straight often. While at the salon after my color a glaze followed up by a deep treatment was applied to my hair.

Here is my video talking about the whole color process & so you can see my hair straight in motion:

it's so long when straight!
I will admit, I did enjoy the different style as a change but by the end of the blow out I truly missed my unique curly waves.

Although I did feel like Barbie a little bit (and enjoyed it) I got my hair blown out on a Tuesday and washed it the following Tuesday. It did last a good week. The only other heat that went near my hair during the week was on Thursday (Halloween day) I ironed it to flatten it out and help the puff. My hair was SUPER PUFFY. It was also unseasonally humid in NY & NJ for the end of October during the week (not cool, weather)

During the actual blow drying and the ironing my hairstylist and I both used heat protectants. i don't think the one in the salon was curly girl method approved (ooopps) but the one at home was. It was called Irontastic from 4Naturals. I bought it at Sally Beauty.Really I should have washed my hair on Saturday or Sunday instead of pushing it til Tuesday. The last 3 days of the blow out my hair lived in a messy bun but after the abuse I wanted to give it a few days to just chill out and take it easy.

from the back
While my hair was straight I brushed it twice a day and used a leave in conditioner to add moisture to it. Especially because it did get colored at the same time it needed the moisture.

On the Monday night before pre and post wash days I slept with coconut oil in my hair. I usually do this at least once a way anyway and it is a great way to strengthen and help keep the hair healthy. Coconut oil is one of the best things for your hair and if you are unsure of the benefits, a quick google search will provide a ton of information.

The actual wash day after the blow out I did a mega deep treatment. I used the Living Proof Restore Masque mixed with the Living Proof Restore Recovery Regimen. I love the Living Proof Restore line so much. It is one of my favorites. After the conditioning which I left on almost 2 hours, my curls were bounced back good as new like they were never blown out.

Okay so in conclusion and the point of my blog post, if you do want to blow out your curls OCCASIONALLY I don't think it is bad if you follow these tips:
-occasionally literally means occasionally. maybe every blue moon or 2 times a year MAX
-make sure not to use heat every day your hair is straight (aka don't go over it with the flat iron daily)
-make sure to use a leave in conditioner if your hair is feeling dry (but not a water based one as this can make the hair get frizzy and revert back to trying to curl)
-if you do need to flat iron, make sure to do so in small sections and add heat protectant to every section. yes, it is tedious but your hair will be grateful
-carefully brush out the knots and tangles at least once a day, starting from the end and working towards the roots so you do not rip your hair out
-give your hair a good deep treatment both before and after the blow out
-allow your hair to relax in a messy bun, under a scarf, whatever and just let is rest and be for a day or so before washing

Now I heard there actually are some nice, heatless ways to get your hair straighter. I haven't tried any yet. i know one has to do with huge rollers. Once I experiment with these safer alternative ways I will get back to you.

Thanks for reading and I hope your found this helpful

<3 Diane

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