Hydralicious Winter Hair Curly Wavy Routine

Layan: @naturallybubbly
Sarah: @waterlily716
Not too long ago I did a collab video with two AMAZING fellow youtube curly hair bloggers: Sarah & Layan. If you haven't checked out their awesome channels you totally should. I have learned so much myself from both of them =)

So back to the collab, since we all have different "shapes" of our waves and curls (or according to naturally curly different hair types where I am a "2c/3a", Sarah is more "3b" and Layan is "3c"
 we got together to talk about how we all change up our hair routines going from season to season, as the weather shifts from warm and humid to becoming more cold and dry (one word: MOISTURE)

Check out our videos below:


I hope you enjoy the videos and found them helpful no matter what your hair type is =)

<3 Diane

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