Mally Beauty Live Class at Henri Bendel 11/6/13

Mally & I
Every so often Mally has an awesome class at Henri Bendel Department Store right in Manhattan. Being geographically fortunate to attend such cool events, I try to go whenever I can. I went to quite a few in the past but haven't been able to make one in over a year ;( Fortunately I was able to attend the latest one and also bring my mom along for the ride!!

These classes are so fun. Not only do we get a live makeup lesson and tips from THE Mally Roncal herself, but the price of the class is fully redeemable in Mally products AND we got a S-W-E-E-T (and super generous!!!!) gift bag! My mom doesn't wear too much makeup and has some good stuff (thanks to me), so with her ticket price she just wanted a brow product. Mally is also a true pleasure and enjoyment to watch! She is HYSTERICAL =)

Thanks to Mally's lesson mom also wanted to learn to highlight now so I passed on a gently used highlighter and brush to her (i personally just do not highlight all that much because my skin has been a tad oily and not cute in that retrospect lately) and got the use both my mom and my ticket prices for Mally products!

Check out my video where I talk about everything and do a haul of all the Mally goodies I selected:

Mally & Chaz Dean
This Mally event also was extra special. We had an unexpected surprise guest Chaz Dean from Wen show up! It was like a QVC Beauty party! I haven't been able to use the Wen Cleansing Conditioners due to the menthol and my allergy but I do enjoy the replenishing treatment mists and oils from the line. Oh and also the 613 mousse! Both Mally, Chaz Dean and everyone working with there were sweet, super genuine and very down to earth.

A Mally Makeup Artist working on my mom!

If you live or ever happen to be in the New York area during one of these events, I can't suggest attending enough! It is a great night out (they even had food catered!) and such fun for any makeup lover. I believe these events usually happen 2 to 3 times a year.

<3 Diane

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