Tarte Cosmetics At A Gloss for Words Special Edition Lip Gloss Set

Tarte Cosmetics released yet another great set for Holiday 2013! This is another QVC set called "At A Gloss For Words" (I love the name! hehe) It contains 15 (yes fifteen!!!) mini sized maracuja infused lip glosses for under $40! They come in a big box and within the big box are 3 smaller boxes each housing 5 glosses inside. The big box and each small box have a to and from label on it so it is easy to bow and go. It is perfect for gifting because you can give it as one big gift, or divide it into 3 smaller gifts. Of course you can keep some or all for yourself! I suggest getting 2 sets because once you try a few you are not going to want to part with any. ;)

I love the Maracuja Lip Gloss formula. Maracuja Oil (a signature tarte ingredient) is high in vitamin C and helps nourish and hydrate your lips with wear. Some of these glosses are more pigmented than others but all the shades are very pretty and wearable. I am especially thrilled with this set because most of the shades are pink toned and I LOVE pink lip products! The formula has a minty taste and smell, much like the tarte Lipsurgences and is not tacky or sticky. They wear until you eat, drink or kiss. There is no stain effect.

This is from QVC.com describing the colors:

  •  Awe, a nude shade
  •  Admire, a blushing pink shade
  •  Excite, a candy pink shade
  •  Happy, a peachy pink shade
  •  Marvel, a brightening pink shade
  •  Amaze, a petal pink shade
  •  Thrill, a dusty rose shade
  •  Elate, a bubblegum pink shade
  •  Pop, a nude coral shade
  •  Spark, a deep berry shade
  •  Ahhh!, a sheer pink nude shade
  •  Revel, a berry shade
  •  Please, a shimmering sorbet shade
  •  Bliss, a nude rose shade
  •   Wow, a deep pink shade 

Check out my video for more of a review, plus swatches and pictures of all 15 shades!

<3 Diane

disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review consideration. All thoughts, opinions and things said are 100% my own and honest, as always.

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