Tarte Cosmetics Foundcealer Review & Demo

For 2014 Tarte Cosmetics is introducing us to a new ingredient- Amazonian Colored Clay! It is similar to their very popular Amazonian Clay however this clay contains natural minerals that have multiple skin care benefits from anti-aging to color correcting. Tarte's website has a whole section dedicated to informing us about colored clay here and I encourage you to give it a quick read!

A few weeks about during Friday Night Beauty on QVC, Tarte debuted their first product featuring this new ingredient. The product is called a "foundcealer" which is a foundation and concealer in one product! Because QVC gives us awesome deals, it also includes a double ended brush which I am almost sure will not be included when this hits retail. Being the tartelette (girl who loves tarte) I am I ordered the new foundcealer right away and I swear I think the mailman took extra long to bring it to me.

The new foundcealer comes in six shades and I was extra happy to see the shade "light-medium" being offered as QVC doesn't always give us this option and as a result I usually buy a light and medium and mix. So big thank you to tarte & qvc for offering this shade for us not so light and not so medium ladies & gents out there!

Here is some information directly from QVC's site on the tarte foundcealer:
"Why is it different: tarte combines the coverage of a concealer with a lightweight, blendable foundation! Infused with colored clay for skin care and color-correcting benefits, this revolutionary Foundcealer will deliver full coverage and a natural-looking finish similar to tarte's best-selling Amazonian clay foundation while working overtime as a full-coverage concealer. Purple, green, yellow, and red clay work together to help conceal, brighten, protect, cover redness, and diffuse the look of dark circles and imperfections all at once."

Now what do I think? I am really enjoying it! First, the brush it comes with is fantastic- super soft, does not shed and blends the product flawlessly. Because it is tarte is is also cruelty free. One side is perfect for all over the face and the other is smaller and great for going underneath the eyes, around the nose and in smaller areas. I also find applying with the smaller side helps the product become more full coverage.

 I find the foundcealer itself to be very similar as far as coverage is concerned to the original Amazonian Clay foundation. It is buildable and provides medium to full coverage. I also LOVE the finish- it is matte but not dull and looks very natural.

just foundcealer, no BB corrector here

You are probably thinking now can this one product really replace foundation and a concealer? Yes and no. Usually I need a separate concealer under my eyes, around my nose and other areas on my face I have extra redness or blemishes. The foundcealer alone is enough to cover all the mentioned except my under eyes. My dark circles are my biggest complaint- they are DARK! So while the foundcealer does make them lighter, it does not make them disappear entirely. Usually I use foundation, concealer and tarte's BB undereye corrector under my eye. With the foundcealer, I  can eliminate the separate concealer step but still use the BB undereye corrector and it works beautifully!

Overall I think this product is another winner by tarte and will be especially loved by those who are in a rush in the morning since it is indeed 2 products in 1.

For more information and to see me demo the product, check out my video:

disclaimer: this product was purchased with my own money. I am not endorsed nor do I receive any monetary compensation in exchange for my reviews. Everything stated is always my own 100% pure and honest opinion.

<3 Diane

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