Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel Update!

I have been using the Jessicurl Spiralicious gel quite consistantly and I absolutely love it! It has become my new favorite gel.

I originally did a 1st Impressions video back in October 2013 that you can watch here

I have been alternating this gel with the Devacurl ArcAngel (my other favorite) Using Devacurl on Monday wash and Spiralicious on Friday wash. My ultimate goal is to use up all the other gels in my stash and just keep Spiralicious because I love it that much right now.

My formula for after washing my hair that has been giving me the most optimal results with Spiralicious is: use a conditioner as a leave in (not a leave in conditioner- my hair likes something richer), Living Proof Prime, Restore Cream (just on ends), Devacurl B'Leave In*, Jessicurl Spiralicious and sealing with Argan oil. Truthfully you don't necessarily need to use the living proof or b'leave in stuff but i really like the way it all works together. The Devacurl B'Leave In is basically a leave in protein treatment and I notice enhanced curl definition from when I use it  vs. when I don't.

So I decided to do an update video the end of December which you can watch below:

<3 Diane

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