Magical Mix of Hair Treatments for Great Day 1 Hair!

So my hair wash cycle usually provides me with the best hair on days 2 and 3. Day 1 though sometimes the curls are defined is usually too fluffy and puffy for my liking. After sleeping on it just looks better. Yesterday the stars must have been aligned- or I found an exact product combination to get happily successful day 1 hair!

It may sound like I use a lot of products at once, and perhaps I use more than the average person per wash BUT I only do this routine 2 times a week MAX- sometimes even less!! I also do not use my steamer every wash. And I am a firm believer of doing what works for your own hair.

Now the big secret with me having such great hair today is a combo of 2 treatments I did and my hair steamer. But first I washed my hair (coconut oil was in it as pre poo from night before) using the new SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair Shampoo which is my current favorite shampoo at the moment. It is just so moisturizing!! Also while shampooing i use the Ouidad Scalp Exfoliator which helps promote hair growth. After that I used the Rita Hazan Foam Gloss which is a purple foam that helps tone down brassiness in blonde hair (if your hair is not blonde you totally do not need this step)

Okay now for the magical treatment part. I  shut the shower water off and squeezed out any additional water with my micro fiber towel. Then debating on weather to use the SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair Masque or Weekly Treatment, I DECIDED TO COMBINE THEM BOTH!!! For the past few weeks I have been using one or the other and have been happy. The masque is a moisture treatment where the weekly treatment is a protein treatment. I did a ratio of approx 3 parts mask to 1 part treatment (treatment is VERY concentrated) applying the product section by section. Then I sectioned my hair to 4 mini buns on the top of my hair and sat under my huetiful hair steamer for 2 sessions (approx 40 minutes) I always notice such a difference when I use my steamer, but especially with this super cold winter it has truly been saving my hair!

Before I rinsed out the treatments I used Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioner on top of them for only 5 minutes. I have to be careful with purple conditioner or parts of my hair can turn purple! I got in trouble for that once with my hair dresser. LOL. But this just further helps my blonde hair fight brassiness which I am extremely prone to so again- not necessary step if you aren't blonde. I rinsed it all out with cool water (brrrr) and continued to style...

For style while my hair was soaking wet I put a mix of the SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair, Thickening & Raw Shea Butter Rinse Out Conditioners in as a leave in. I love playing chemist- I put a little of each in a bottle to get benefits from all the formulas. Then I got out of the shower sprayed some of my pureology Perfect For Platinum Miracle Filler Spray (another product for blondes) and applied Living Proof Prime & Restore Hair Cream in my hair while standing up.

After that I flipped my head over used the Klorane Mousse for blonde hair, followed by the DevaCurl B'Leave In (for protein), and Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel. I apply each product one after another in sections flipped over. I then scrunched out as much excess water as I could (a lot of scrunching!!!) and "plopped" my hair in a curl ease towel while I finished my skincare and body lotion. When I removed my hair from the towel I scrunched some more and added pure Argan Oil on top to seal. I know this all sounds like a lot but I got it down to a science and can do it fairly quickly at this point. I let my hair air dry since I knew I wouldn't be going out until way later on.

As you can see by my pictures my hair is shiny, and not fluffy!!! It has some frizz- but that is my own fault because my hair was SO INCREDIBLY SOFT I really could not stop touching it! Bad Diane!! I know.

With my styling products. I learned each extra step has done something nice for my hair..
Pureology Perfect for Platinum Miracle Filler- helps fill in gaps and leaves hair soft.

Living Proof Prime- helps my style stay and need washing less often

Living Proof Restore Targeted Repair Cream- I concentrate this on my ends because my ends are so prone to splits and breakage. Been using it for months now and I think it is making a difference!

Mousse- I used the Klorane one for blondes this time but any mousse layered under gel I find gives my hair more shine and more curl definition!

Stretch would make a cute blonde! ;)
DevaCurl B'Leave In- This is a protein styler and helps my hair stay strong. It is NOT a leave in conditioner and will not moisturize the hair.

Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel- My favorite gel at the moment. Nice strong hold but doesn't leave the hair cripsy or stiff. This is another product I contribute to going as long as I do between washes. I also find I can use this on it's own and get good results!

Argan Oil- pure. no silicones. it seals in the other products and helps to keep my hair healthy.

You can also see by the pictures my hair is growing quite nicely! I can't wait for it to get goal length. Except my roots appear so quickly. Such is a necessary evil for my hair to grow fast to get longer quicker I suppose. I also am due for a trim. I'm SO BAD with that. Haven't trimmed since the beginning on October!

I also did quite a few other posts on my hair with this new SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair line. I have been LOVING it!!!

Well that is it. Sorry this post is so long. I am expecting my day 2 and 3 hair for my birthday weekend now to be even better since day 1 was so great. We shall see and I will post on it.

<3 Diane

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