My Birthday Weekend Pictures!

This past weekend was my birthday weekend and I have 2 days to celebrate (one with some friends and one with family), and dress up. So of course I had to play photoshoot and pose and have fun! Thankfully my boyfriend is incredibly patient and understanding of this. Truthfully, a long time ago I attempted modeling but constantly was told I was too short and too fat. But that is a whole different story.

So on Saturday I went out with my boyfriend and some friends to dinner.I went with leggings (of course) and one of my favorite dressed that I bought in Target in 2012. I love the grey and lace print on it but it is cotton so it's super comfy. My favorite features of the dress are the scoop neck and the sleeve length! I wore flat boots because there was snow and ice on the ground and I am terrible at walking in heels as is so I didn't want to break my ankle. ;)
This is second day hair. If you check this blog post, I explained what I did for day 1.
 I decided to stretch out my curls a little for for a change and by them being longer I got some great additional length! I was really happy with how my hair turned out- and it didn't even frizz up in the snow. For day 2 I just used some DevaCurl Mister Right Spray, CURLS Cashmere Jelly in sections and sprayed some DevaCurl Shine Spray on top! To get the hairline smooth i did run a flat iron over just the top part- 1 pass only!!! And I used the Living Proof Restore Spray as a heat protectant. Flat ironing is TERRIBLE for hair so I don't suggest to do it often at all.
I absolutely had to use bright pink eyeshadows because it was my birthday! I used the appropriately named shade "birthday girl" on my lid and "magentric" on my crease both by Sugarpill Cosmetics. Under my brow I used Laura Geller French Vanilla Highlighter. Liquid Liner is Multipleye by tarte, inner rim liner is colored clay liner and also by tarte is the lash primer & lights, camera, flashes mascara.

The next day was my celebration with my family. This is the day I played photoshoot as you will see. My crown says "Birthday Princess" and that's a s'mores blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. No joke it was the best cake I ever ate in my life. Lots of cardio is in order to burn that (and all the leftover slices) off but it's worth it!!
 Stretchy & I. His adoption birthday is actually 2 days before my birthday!
The top I am wearing is from Susan Graver off QVC. I love the pink and sequins!
 It was such a comfy fit but size down. I usually get tops in a Small and this fit in an XXS.
This was day 3 hair so it stretched out even more. I love this picture but I wish there wasn't a towel hanging in the background -_- oooopps.

my smile is a bit gummy here. Tommie was making me laugh as usual
For both days on my face I used the tarte BB primer and then the Foundcealer over it all over the face. I contoured using the tarte Amazonian Clay stick concealer in Deep and under my eyes also used the BB undereye corrector and Amazonian Clay Liquid Concealer. I put the Mally Undereye Brightener on top of all that. I go all out for special occasions =) I set my face with a mix of several face powders I have.
The lipstick I am wearing in the above picture is one of the cheapie Fergie for Wet n Wild. I think it is called V.I.Pink but not 100% on that.
On my eyes I used the new tarte Mattenificent Colored Clay Eyeshadow palette. I haven't been able to put this palette down, I'm obsessed!!!

Overall I had a very lovely birthday. I think I actually look better now then I did 10 years ago so hopefully that trend continues. Thanks for reading!

<3 Diane


  1. Happy Birthday and you are still looking and feeling good, which is what matters. I'm older than you so I been down the road of feeling and dealing with aging and learned to age gracefully with the help of makeup and beauty cream of course. I have a request. Can you please do a swatch comparison of Tarte's clay blush Inspired with Exposed? I was unable to view the color clearly in your video. Thanks in advance!

    1. thank you for the birthday wishes =)

  2. I have thought about modeling as well, but I am also too short (and chubby) lol. You looked so cute both days. :) I think I have the equivalent of that lace dress but in beige.

  3. girl you are skinnier than me! thank you for the compliments- ohh don't you love that dress? its so comfy and cute!


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