New Years Eve 2014 Look

Happy 2014! New Years Eve was a lot of fun. I think one of my favorite parts besides my New Years Eve kiss with my dude is getting to unapologetically wear sequins! I was going to go super glitterly with my eye makeup but wound up keeping it more simple with just some silver. Tommie was happy that glitter didn't get all over him.

I had a good hair day and followed the same steps I did for Christmas Eve (see that post here) and on top of it also added some of the DevaCurl Shine Spray which really did add extra shine! I really do love the combo for nice picture (almost) perfect hair, even if it does require more product than usual.

 I started off with 2nd day hair again. Oh and one more difference was I did have to diffuse my freshly washed hair the day before because of time, it wouldn't air dry in time. I usually prefer to air dry for the sake of heat damage but I did use the Living Proof Restore Spray which is a heat protector.

Makeup wise my face was the same as Christmas so check back that post for details. The shadows I have on are from the Tarte of Giving Sephora Holiday 2013 Palette. I enjoy blue eyeshadows. I hate that silly "rule" where they say people with blue eyes shouldn't wear blue shadow- I think it is a bunch of bull- wear what you like & what makes you happy!! I've been obsessing with the lip color I wore- It is the "Perfois Pink Lip System" from Mally Beauty in the shade Soft Pink. The system comes with a coordinating liner, lipstick and gloss. (item A225551 on QVC if you are interested)

blue & silver eyes with soft pink lips

selfie without the camera in the pic ;)

 Tommie tried to take our traditional nice hair pictures but I wasn't crazy about how most of them turned out (honestly, it's me nit-picking myself probably) I wasn't really ready for this one below but it's the best of the bunch of my face.

<3 midnight kiss! <3

 This picture was taking a bit after midnight, still ringing in the New Year. Hair held up well!

 New Year's Day I actually was in sweats with my hair in a messy bun. We didn't do anything extraordinary, just stayed at my house with some of my family. I was sooo exhausted from the fun night before I was barely able to keep my eyes open. I'm a girl who likes her beauty sleep and didn't go to bed til 4am- my poor body felt it for 3 days after!

I didn't make many resolutions this year. My one goal is to hopefully find a full time job, a career I love. But I did do this New Years Resolutions TAG video if you'd like to see:

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years!!

<3 Diane

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