Tangle Teezer Curly Wavy Review

I have heard about the Tangle Teezer for quite some time now. Truthfully, I really didn't think I needed it. I thought just using my wide tooth comb to detangle was fine. But as my hair is getting longer, and perhaps this cruel, dry winter also has something to do with it- my hair, specifically my ends have become harder to detangle. So I went to Target and got the $9.99 Tangle Teezer to give it a shot. A few friends (thank you Sarah & Nora) recommended it to me and both said they had success with it.

My thoughts on the Tangle Teezer- WHY ON EARTH DID I NOT BUY IT SOONER?!?!?! It is in fact a lot better than a wide tooth comb! I never detangled my hair so effortlessly before. It just glided through my hair and if there was a know or tangle it stopped and let me know so I can take better care of that section to detangle carefully.

Check out my review video for much more information:

disclaimer: this product was purchased with my own money. all opinions and things stated are 100% my own and honest. i receive no monetary compensation for my reviews.

<3 Diane

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