Curly Wavy Trim & Root Touch Up

So 2 days ago I went to get my roots touched up. As usual I waited too long to get them done and they were pretty bad. Of course once I got them done now my hair looks all great and super blonde again. I tell myself I won't go 7 weeks until the next appointment LOL. We will see what happens.

While at the salon, my hair dresser, Lisa, kindly agreed with me when I said I was way overdue for a trim. I had my roots touched up in December but truthfully I have not had a trim since the beginning of October 2013. 4 months! I try to stretch my trims out as long as I possibly can since I am growing my hair long.

Lisa offered to trim my hair for me and I was nervous as all hell. Now, I love the girl- I have been going to her for my color and style for almost 2 years but she never cut my hair. In fact, due to past traumatizing experiences (yes, more than one. we won't go there now though) with hairdressers and haircuts, for the last few years the only person who I allowed to go near my hair with a pair of scissors was my lovely, non-beauty school trained boyfriend. He always did a good job trimming for me but it got to the point now I felt I can trust Lisa with the scissors, she understands me, my hair and my curls! So she trimmed my hair dry and took off the exact amount I wanted- approx a half inch (it needed it) and not a centimeter more! She also helped to even out the back a bit- for almost 2 years I have been frantically trying to grow out some unwanted layers I despised with the fire of a thousand suns. They are finally almost all grown out and as a result the back of my hair is looking nice and thicker.  I also made sure my beloved hairdresser knew how big a deal it was I finally trusted her with scissors near my precious locks.=)

I should have taken proper before and after photos, apologies that I did not. But you can see some pics I took once home with my touched up roots, and trim. The other thing I love about Lisa & the salon I go to is it is a salon that caters to curly girls like myself so they give me a "scrunch set" and diffuse me properly. In the past I would always just leave salons with my hair wet since whoever colored my hair had no clue what to do with my wavy curls.

These pics are actually of day 2 hair. Day 1 at the salon after the color they did a glaze and deep treatment and styled with DevaCurl One Condition (left In), B'leave In, ArchAngel Gel & Styling Cream. On day 2 I refreshed my hair section by section with Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler & Color Max Spray mixed and then put some CURLS Cashmere Jelly on top.

My hair feels nice and healthy and fresh again. The one sad part (well sad to me) is no matter how little of a trim I get, because it helps to oxygenate my hair my curly waves always become bouncier and shrink up a bit. Good for curl defintion but man it plays mind tricks on a girl who is growing her hair and wants length, length, length! I bet a bunch of you can relate??

Make sure you check out this blog post where I talk about my last trim and also list signs your hair may be due for a trim.

And if you are in the New York/New Jersey area you should totally check out Marucci Hair Design in Staten Island. The whole team there are super sweet and super talented! Every time I go to that salon I feel more like I am going to hang out with friends with a bonus of my hair looking better when I leave. I just can't suggest them enough! And if you go, tell them Diane with the long blonde curls sent you!!

<3 Diane

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