Dalton (Doll10) Aqua D'Pure BB Eye Brightening Cream

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The Aqua D'Pure BB Eye Brightening Cream by Dalton Cosmetics intrigued me from the first time I saw it presented on QVC. I am starting to get older (as is everyone, really) and my eyes are slowly showing the first signs of aging- fine lines, puffiness and the uber deep dark circles I have genetically had forever. So any product be it cosmetics, skincare or a hybrid of both like this little gem to help these issues always catches my interest.

Here is what the QVC site has to say about the product: "Prep, prime, and help soothe. This lightweight, water-based formula uses ingredients like rhodiola extract, amino acids, peptides, and antioxidant vitamin E to help correct the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and the visible signs of skin dryness around the delicate eye area. The result is a smoother, more radiant look. From Dalton."

Of course you can go and read that on their site. I'd like to guess you are reading my blog (p.s. THANK YOU!) because you wonder what I think?? I really like this product! First here is what is doesn't do: it does not fully conceal by itself, nor is it supposed to. It is not a full coverage concealer but a cream you apply under your concealer to do a few things. These things include make your concealer last longer, help prevent concealer and makeup from caking into fine lines, help the eye area appear brighter and also help fight the signs of aging over time.

Now while I can't exactly attest to the last attribute yet, since I have only been using this product a month everything else I find it does beautifully. This winter has been so cold my eye area has been extra dry to where even my favorite concealers started to settle in my lines. When I wear this BB cream under them, they do not! This also can double as an eyeshadow primer helping eyeshadow stay put all day but for whatever reason I like using my regular eyeshadow primer on top of this- it isn't a waste as my eyelids are getting the anti-aging effects of the cream.

For a more details review, be sure to check out my video below:

disclaimer: this product was purchased with my own money. i am not endorsed or sponsored by any company.

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