Hair of the Day w/ Mahogany Naturals Irish Cream Smoothie

So this is a first impressions post, as a full review of this product along with another product from the same line will be coming to YouTube & my blog soon.
But yesterday I tried out the Irish Cream Hair Smoothie by Mahogany Naturals for the first time. This is a UK based hair care brand and I love that the products focus on all natural ingredients! The label says it is super rich and luxurious and great for dry damaged and frizzy hair. Since my hair is all of the above I couldn't wait to play with it!! The label also said to use a hair steamer or plastic cap for better penetration.

I applied the product on freshly shampooed, wet hair section by section and then sat under my huetiful hair steamer for 2 steam sessions (40 minutes) Then I applied Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioner on top for 5 minutes (to fight the brassiness in my blonde hair) Rinsed it all out and styled as usually lately. Lately actually I have been finger combing my wet hair more than usual to elongate my curls so my hair looks a little longer.

The products I used to style were the Pureology 21/perfect 4 platinum spray mixed, SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair Conditioner (as a leave in), Living Proof Prime, Resore Cream, Devacurl B'leave in, Archangel and sealed with pure Argan Oil.

I allowed my hair to air dry and the pictures here are day 1 from last night when it finally all dried! I noticed after I rinsed this smoothie out my hair was SUPER soft and also have nice shine. I also noticed I have some good curl formations going on. With this dry winter air my curls have been hiding at times.

This smoothie is SUPER rich and concentrated. It is very thick but my hair absorbed it nicely. I love some of the unique ingredients in here including whiskey (!!) and coffee. It also contains a bunch of delicious butters and oils. Smell is okay- it smells like a weird version of vanilla to me.

I am excited to use it again next week and see if I can duplicate these results! 

You can check out this product and the rest of the line here

disclaimer: this product was provided to me from the company for review consideration. i do not receive any monetary compensation, nor am I enrosed for my reviews. Everything stated is my own and honest opinion.

<3 Diane

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