Deep Conditioning Info & Demo for Hair!

Hi guys =) I don't think I can ever thank you enough for reading my little blog thanks! Anyway this blog is to match my video giving tips, tricks and a ton of information for deep treating curly, wavy, colored and really all hair types! Deep Conditioning is such an important and critical step in maintain the health of your hair especially if you are trying to grow it nice and long!

So if you ever were a bit confused about deep conditioning treatments I hope I can help you out. In the video you will find such information as:

-the difference between moisturizing and protein in the deep conditioners

-my favorite deep conditioners at various price ranges...and all curly girl method approved!

-why adding heat and steam to your deep treatments makes a significant difference

-how often you should be deep treating

-if your hair is color treated like mine extra ingredients to look out for

-plus a demo on how i apply deep treatments straight from the shower with background music my boyfriend Tommie & I made together for some of my videos.

...and so much more!!

Gosh, i sound like an infomerical! LOL But really. I hope you find my video on deep conditioning helpful and please let me know your thoughts (well the nice thoughts anyway)

By the way, also recently did a deep conditioning blog I found helpful. Here is that link if you have not checked it out already:

<3 Diane

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