Hair of the (other) Day: Roots Touched Up & Scrunch Set

So technically this is Thursday's Hair but I haven't had a chance to blog until today (Sunday) I went to the salon to get my roots touched up and I always like taking pictures after. Gotta love that fresh from the salon hair feeling.

There's been some issues going on with my hair color- I love being uber light blonde, my natural color is strawberry blonde but i LOATHE the red and orange tones. My hair is very porous and stubborn so sometimes the color doesn't take evenly and the bottom and ends look darker than the top. We think we (my hairstylist and I) finally fixed the problem this time and if not I might wind up going a shade darker for the health of my hair. Ultimately I don't want to run color through the length of my hair every time or every other time and want just my roots done- although for whatever reason my hair feels as soft as it's ever felt after getting my color done Thursday. There was toner and deep conditioner involved too but I don't know the details on all that.

The cool news is my hairstylist did tell my my hair is fine but my hair is strong like steel because of how well I take care of it. All my hard word and hair obsessions are paying off and it can handle the color, so that is nice an reassuring.

After the color process my hair was set in a "scrunch set" It was diffused to bring out my natural curls and it lasts for days. Good news is we actually recorded it so I should have that video up soon. Products used were Devacurl One Condition, B'Leave In, ArcAngel & Styling Cream.

And here are the pictures. The light isn't the best because the sun already set by the time I got home and took them, but I did my best.
<3 Diane

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