Low Ponytail to Hide a Bad Hair Day

Yesterday was just one of those days my hair did not want to behave. Granted, it was day 3 hair anyway but I woke up with the weirdest case of bed head! I pineappled as usual with a silk bonnet on top but however I tossed and turned during the night, when I took the pineapple down I had the weirdest dents and bends in my waves. Plus it was frizzier than usual. =(

Not wanting to wash since I didn't sleep with oils in my hair I figured I'd toss it up and not worry about it. So I applied some Nubian Heritage Strengthen & Grow Custard throughout my hair to treat it and tossed it back.

 Initially I tried a messy bun- my loving boyfriend kindly told me that a messy bun isn't my cutest look since we were going to eat and such. (thanks babe.) So then I tried a cute high ponytail but my hair has actually become too heavy to do high ponytails without it hurting my neck and head! Wow!

So confused on what to do and just about ready to throw a hat on I attempted a low ponytail with a side part. At first I thought I looked weird (I'm not used to wearing my hair tied back ever) but my boyfriend said I looked really cute and by the end of the day the look grew on me and I started to like it.

I kept smoothing down the bumps with my fingers until my hair finally would lay flat. I didn't want to take a brush to it, especially dry. Once I got it smoothed down I took some pomade to get the edges and annoying frizzies in the front to stay down. Truthfully- the pomade was my boyfriend's brothers. I think it was Garnier Fructic and most likely not Curly Girl Method approved. I didn't even look. -_-

I'm glad the hair day wound up not as bad as I originally thought it would be and I discovered a new easy but cute way to wear my hair back!

<3 Diane

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