Mahogany Naturals Hair Products Review

So maybe you remember I did a hair of the day post here talking about the Mahogany Naturals Irish Cream Hair Smoothie? Well I have used it a few more times since then as well as the Hair Juice and now have my full review!

Mahogany Naturals is a great hair product line because the products have all natural and beneficial ingredients for the hair (and skin) with no sulfates, parabens, sulfates or anything bad inside!

The Irish Cream Hair Smoothie really left my hair nice and soft and the Hair Juice I am currently using as my day 2 & 3 refresher spray. It helps revive my curls and add moisture back into my ever so dry hair without weighing my hair down! Plus it smells nice and fruity.

Check out my full, detailed review here:

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disclaimer: these products were sent to me by the company for review consideration. i am not endorsed or sponsored by any company and receive no monetary compensation for my reviews. all opinions are my own and truthful thoughts.

<3 Diane

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