Mally Beauty 3rd Shipment Easy on the Eyes TSV Kit

Back in July 2013, Mally Beauty has an incredible Today's Special Value Kit on QVC called "Easy on the Eyes" it features an eyeshadow palette, 3 different colored liners, her award winning Volumizing Mascara, and her Under Eye Brightener in a Pen form!

If you went on auto delivery for the kit you were able to get two more shipments with different colors in November 2013 and then in February 2014. This is the February 2014 and final shipment. I am sad there are no more shipments because I really enjoyed the value and different colors of everything. Plus the under eye brightener is a holy grail makeup item for me I use every single day!

Of all the palette colors, I actually think this most recent one is my favorite! Such gorgeous and wearable Spring shades! You can see the picture to the left all the palettes. But don't get me wrong- they are all beautiful!

The "Loving Life" palette is on top, the "Celebration" palette is in the middle and "I love color" palette is on the bottom. For "I love color" you had a choice between that or a buff, neutral palette. I went with the I Love Color to have a little fun =)

Check out my video below for more details, info and swatches of the Loving Life Palette from the 3rd shipment:
There are also links in the description box on Youtube if you'd like to see my reviews with demos of the first 2 shipments as well!

disclaimer: this was purchased with my own money. i receive no monetary compensation and I am not endorsed or sponsored by any brand for my reviews.

<3 Diane

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