Phyto Subtil Elixir Oil Review + Mega Hair Product Haul

This blog post  is a 2 parter: a product review and a haul =) So the product reviewed is one by Phyto. Phyto is plant-based hair care line and is over 60 years old! There are treatments and styling products for all different hair types and concerns and they feature natural, botanical remedies. A lot of the products but not all are also silicone free which I of course appreciate!
I am reviewing the Phyto Subtil Elixir Nutrition Shine Oil. I purchased it at Sephora for $38.I bought one and enjoyed it so much I finished it up and now am on my second bottle.  Sephora's site describes it as an intense nutrition shine oil for dry to ultra-dry hair- my hair is on the ultra-dry side so I had high hopes for this little elixir. The Sephora site also says "This fine, lightweight, and easy-to-rinse oil effortlessly penetrates into each strand bringing damaged, dehydrated hair back to life. The formula restructures ultradry hair while leaving a discreet fragrance of banana leaf, passion flower, gardenia, and exotic musk notes. Hair feels immediately replenished and its original softness and shine are restored" 

This product contains no sulfates, phthalates, silicones or parabens and features great ingredients including Camellia Oil, Corn Germ Oil, Egg York & Karanja Oil. The fact that this product contains egg yolk is what caught my attention. So many times in magazines and online for at home DIY (do it yourself) hair mask recipes, more often than not they call for egg yolks to help add strength and revitalize the hair. I never saw egg yolk in a pre made product until this!

like to use this as an overnight "pre poo" treatment once or twice a week before i am going to wash my hair the next day. I have been mixing it with my beloved coconut oil. The oil smells delicious and when i use it, the next day I notice my hair is extra shiny and soft. On day 3 and 4 hair if my hair is looking particularly dry I will take one or two pumps only (a little goes far) smooth it all over concentrating on my ends and it adds back shine and frizz. 

Check out my video below for a more detailed review and quick demo!

So now that I have become interested in Phyto I of course want to try more products by them. I actually picked up several other products here and there and am excited to try them out and review them for you guys! Check out what other Phyto products I recently purchased, as well as some other hair products I hauled in my hair product haul video below:

<3 Diane

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