Enjoying Spring by the Water (Hair of the Day)

I am SOOOOO HAPPY it is FINALLY beginning to feel like Spring!! I am sure I  am not alone when I say Thank God this winter is finally over!!

On Sunday, I went to a family party in my boyfriend's family and where we were in Jersey was right near a nice pier and the water, so afterwards I begged Tommie to let us stop there so I can take in some sun (with SPF of course!) and enjoy the weather. He happily agreed and it was just nice to sit and get some fresh air!

This is actually Day 4 hair!! I notice my day 2, 3 and 4 hair is so much better than freshly washed Day 1.

I have been using my Q-Redew hair refreshing steamer so much lately and it has been helping to re-encourage curl, help fix any wonky waves and just make my hair look better overall.

 I usually spray a Refresher spray (Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling Spray or DevaCurl Mister Right usually) beforehand and then will add a serum, or a leave in or a mixture of both depending on if my hair needs more shine or feels particularly dry.

lso depending on the intensity of my workout that day I sometimes need a dry shampoo too.

Oh sunshine. How I love and missed your warmth on my skin.

<3 Diane

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