Hair of the Day (from Wednesday)

On Wednesday I had a surprisingly really nice hair day! Considering it was Day 3 hair I was really excited! I had somewhere important to be so I was really hoping my hair behaved and boy it did! Great curl definition, shine and minimal frizz until I was outside for hours and humidity crept up on me. But I still captured the height of the good day hair in all of it's blonde glory =)

Wash day was the Monday before and I used a deep treatment with no heat. This is going to sound crazy but for my deep treatment I used a mixed concoction of the Living Proof Restore Recovery Regimen (which are being discontinued btw!!! ugh I am so annoyed about that), Nubian Heritage Strenghten & Grow Masque and 3 different SheaMoisture masks (smooth and repair, anti breakage and the gold label one) I left it in about 45 minutes.

To style on wash day I layered the following products: NYC Curls Conditioner as leave in, Pureology 21 spray, Living Proof Prime, Restore Repair cream, Devacurl ArcAngel Gel, Pureology Essential Repair Split End treatment (ends only) and sealed it all with argan oil. I applied raking each product in section by section, scrunching and then blotting with a Curl Ease Towel.
My second day I didn't do too much to it- didn't want to overdue product so day 3 would be good. I did use the Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo after I worked out and sprayed a Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist section by section. That Wen Mist really is huge on the shine and softness factor for me hair- but it has amodimethicone so it's not 100% curly girl method approved. 

On Day 3 using the same method of applying product in my hair section by section I used DevaCurl Mister Right as my refresher spray and then 4Naturals Curly Wave Serum. It really helped bring my curls back to life and again- with the shine!

<3 Diane

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