I can't emphasize enough just how greatful I am for the mass amount of products made for curly and wavy hair nowadays. Of course I am a product junkie, and with good reason. I have to work hard for my hair to look decent. I can never just wash my hair and be done without faithfully applying all softs of leave ins, creams and gels. Nope.

You want proof?

Okay, first my hair on a typical very good hairday, using products appropriately-

And now, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, brace yourself for the girl with the beast on her head. Yup. I went to the salon the other day for a hair glaze and Lisa (my amazing stylist) told me to come in with freshly washed hair- absolutely product free. No oil. No leave in conditioner....

Frizz and puff the extreme. Not cute. It was super soft however- so that was good.

But yes. Thank God for curly wavy hair products.

<3 Diane

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