My weird phobia...

So it has been brought to my attention lately I have a really weird phobia. I am not sure of the exact name of the phobia, but in plain English I have a fear of scissors.

Some of you are probably looking at me confused but that is okay. To clarify, I can use scissors just fine and have no issue. They can be on the desk near me and again, I'm not bothered. It's when other people are using scissors too close by I start to kind of freak out a bit.

My mom was just innocently using scissors to cut tags off something right behind me and I kept shuddering and ducking my head. I was so uncomfortable I had to get up and walk away from what I was doing.

I blame this weird fear on haircuts. Yup. I have had so many terribly awful haircuts in my life I think when a person uses scissors near me it is why I freak out. Forget when I actually do need to get my hair trimmed. My boyfriend or awesome hair stylist usually trims it now. It took me going to her for almost 2 years for color to grant her the privilege to trim me with trust. Even though I know they will do exactly what I want, my heart still races and I can't breathe well until it's over. Seriously, I rather go to the dentist (hey 28 years with no cavities!) than get a hair cut. It's that bad.

I suppose this is a curly girl problem?

<3 Diane

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