New-ish Hair Color

I had to go back to the salon the other day. Here's my issue: I so so so badly dream of having uber light, almost platinum, level 10 or higher blonde hair. My actually hair however doesn't like this idea.

Per my hair stylist, Lisa, since I do take such good care of it, my hair can withstand the color process- a lot better than most. We've tried for months to keep my hair really really super light blonde but for whatever reason the bottom 3/4s of my hair are resistant to getting as light as the top/newer hair. I personally don't dig that ombre look or the fact my hair looked 2 different colors. It was driving me NUTS.

We tried several times to get me super light and for my hair to stay there but because I am also trying to grow my hair super long and don't want to damage the heck out of it, we decided to take it down almost a whole level all over. Now, I am not a hair stylist or colorist so I am not 100% sure what some of these technical terms mean but I know I was a high level 10 and now I'm more of a level 9- but still pretty blonde (because if my hair wasn't blonde, i would dye it jet black. or pink.) I just dislike golden or red tones which is unfortunate because my natural hair color is strawberry blonde and that stupid red tries to come through with a vengeance.

So yea, it isn't a extreme different color- just a bit darker than it was. She used a demi permanent color and a glaze which she said is virtually no damage at all. And from here on out, now that my hair will stay the same colored color (except roots obviously) we will just need to color the roots and not have to run the color through the lengths of my hair every single time, which ultimately will lead to healthier hair overall. I'd be lying to say I wasn't disappointed, because I am- I just adore platinum and super light blonde. But for the sake of my hair and my growth goals I know this is a little better.

<3 Diane

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