Grow Long Hair! 16 Things That Helped Me

I don't know exactly what it is about long hair that makes me love it so much. I have coveted it my whole life. Several times in the past I managed to get my hair pretty long, but due to the constant abuse of flat irons, blow driers and not handling it well, my hair would always get so damaged and break off. And then there were the times I would be growing my hair out only to have an untrusted hair stylist not understand the definition of a "trim" or "dusting" I am sure many can relate an inch to us curly girls and an inch to some hairdressers is just not the name amount, right?

For over two years now I have been growing my hair out as healthy as it can be. I even document my hair growth journey in a video series, showing the length and stating any different methods or products I discovered. If you want long and healthy hair, the following are some of my best tips and tricks I have come across. You will see a lot of my tips here are about the overall health of the hair and how to prevent breakage. Often the issue isn't the hair growing from the scalp that makes length difficult to achieve, but the breaking from the bottom that is wreaking havoc on the long hair growing process. 

CLICK HERE to read my article on with 16 tips that helped my hair growth journey!

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