Hair of The Day (days 2 and 4!)

Technically this is hair of the other day. These were taken on Tuesday, day 2 of my hair wash cycle. Now that Summer is finally here, my curly waves are becoming more defined again!! Humidity helps my hair become more defined, sadly is also brings along an unwanted case of frizz. It wasn't as noticeable in these pics as is not that it is day 4 while I type. But I will have a top frizz fighter favorite video for you guys in the near future so stay tuned for that! 
Day 1 was a bit different than usual. I actually washed my hair at my boyfriend's house and he lives in a different state (NJ vs NY) but still different water area and other factors, I wasn't sure how well my hair was going to turn out. The other thing is, I love leaving me deep conditioners in for up to an hour to really penetrate and such and then rinse it out. Well, it was Memorial Day and there was no time for that so I actually used a regular purple conditioner (to fight brassiness) in the shower to detangle, rinsed it and then used the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment as a leave in conditioner & also in place of the Living Proof Restore Targeted Repair Cream I usually use as a styler. My hair came out better than I was expecting! Other stylers I used after shower were Living Proof Prime, Devacurl B'Leave In, ArcAngel Gel & pure argan oil.Then I air dried, as usual. Also, since it is nice and warm out I sneak outside (wearing SPF of course) because the warm air and sun helps speed dry my hair a little bit. Just make sure if you do this you spray a UV protector spray!! I like the Living Proof Restore Revitalizing Spray or Ouidad Sun Shield.
 I am really getting so excited with how long my hair seems to finally be growing! I do really need a trim. I should have trimmed it when I went for my color a few weeks ago but my hair stylist said we can wait until next time so I did!
day 4
Also because I said I have been typing today and it is Day 4 I just snapped a quick pic today too. Remember, this is day 4 hair that has been through 3 workouts and a bunch of dry shampoo & refresher sprays! Also half the day I had my hair clipped back half up, half down. I decided to take it down to see how it's been holding up and really I don't think it is the worst thing in the world. I also like the change on my the top got a bit more smooth and then the curls at the bottm for the most part stayed pretty. I will be coconut oiling overnight and then washing my hair tomorrow. Will try hard to take some day 1 hair pics for you guys!
<3 Diane

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