It Cosmetics Liner Love Gel Liners & Tightline Brush

It Cosmetics recently launched "Liner Love", a Waterproof Anti-Aging Creme Gel Eyeliner. Being a fan of all things It Cosmetics, I couldn't wait to try this new formula. They currently have an automatic gel eyeliner in a pen form which is amazing, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on this creme pot formula.

The It Cosmetics website says that this new eyeliner "combines an innovative formula designed to impart eye-enhancing color, saturated, rich color with clinically proven, lash loving all day waterproof wear-even after 12 hours!"

Available in six beautifully rich pigmented shades, this formula also has ingredients to help benefit the skin AND eyelashes including a Lash Enhancing Peptide Serum to help your lashes stay soft, conditions and grow strong!

Along with the new eyeliner, there is also a new double ended brush called the "Tightliner" which can be used in 10 different ways! Included with the super soft, non-animal hair brush is a paper with pictures and instructions on just how you can create ten different eyeliner looks with it. I thought that was SUPER helpful!

I usually prefer pen formats as opposed to having to dip a brush in a pot but this duo completely made me have a change of heart. The eyeliner formula is so smooth and buttery- it glides on SO EFFORTLESSLY. Once it on on, it actually does stay on all day until I remove it at night with makeup remover- it even has been surviving allergies and some serious work out sweat sessions! I also find that the formula doesn't bother my super sensitive eyes when applied on both the upper and lower waterlines. Also, I love knowing that this formula is enhancing my lashes as I wear it!

All six colors including taupe, espresso, and plum are really pretty, but my favorites to use with my blue eyes are the classic black which is a nice dark black, the graphite which is a grey and navy blue which makes the whites of my eyes look so much whiter.

Check out my video review below for even more information and pictures:

disclaimer: the products in this video were purchased with my own money & also provided to me by the company. I am not endorsed or sponsored by any company and receive no monetary compensation for my reviews. All opinions and words stated are my own truthful thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane

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