Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener

The Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener, or "Sunshine in a Jar" is an awesome product by Mally Beauty. It is one of my top five makeup products OF ALL TIME. And really, it is a hybrid makeup and skincare item in one.Not only does it help to brighten the under eye area and any area of your face that might be dark and have shadows, but it has all kinds of good for the skin vitamins inside to treat the skin as it wears.

The website has the description of this product as "Improving the look of dark circles under the eyes is one of the most demanded beauty secrets. With skin that's delicate, you need a gentle product that's shaded perfectly to correct the blue tones that so many women complain about. With a soft yellow shade, this under-eye brightener counteracts blue and leaves a brightened surface. This gel-like formula is virtually invisible to the naked eye, yet creates the illusion of flawless skin. It's lightweight, oil-free, and hydrating."

With this product, a little goes a long way! I bought my first jar in January 2012 and finished it up in April 2014. I use it every day. I even gave some of it away to share the Mally love. My dark circles are my biggest complaint and this really does make them less noticeable. It is not a concealer, I still use concealer too but add this on top and it makes a world of a difference.

Check out my video below for a more detailed review and demo:

Disclaimer: this product was purchased with my own money. I am not endorsed or sponsored by any company and receive no monetary compensation for my reviews. All opinions and words stated are my own truthful thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane

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