Roots Touched up, Hanging by the Water (Hair of the Day)

Last Thursday I went to the salon to get my roots touched up. My natural color comes in so quick- one hand it's good because it means my hair is growing fast and since I want my hair really long that is cool, but it means I need my color day way often! I usually go every 6-7 weeks now but they just do the re-growth and don't run color through the length.
I feel like I am getting that issue again where the top part of my hair is lighter than the rest. In all honesty, it is frustrating not only for me but also for my stylist, Lisa, who is trying so hard to make sure my color comes out nice and even. Luckily I don't think it is as noticeable as it was in the past.
 They also did this custom made hair treatment on my after the color featuring cherry and almond oils! It smelled absolutely divine and is super beneficial. I never knew cherry can help promote hair growth! I was warned not to pour cherry juice on my head though unless I want red hair, which I really really REALLY do not!! The treatment left my hair super super soft, crazy shine and my curls were even a bit tighter and more defined!
The pictures you are seeing actually are not from Thursday, they are from Saturday! So this is 2 days after I got a scrunch set at the salon! To refresh my hair, on Friday I just used the Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist and then Saturday I used the Devacurl Mister Right Spray and CURLS Cashmere Jelly. A few hours later I actually did something I never did before. I took the Devacurl Archangel Gel and applied it on my hair DRY to help control a little frizz. It was a tad crunchy on the bottom but overall not bad.
Tommie and I went to meet friends in the Highlands (NJ) Saturday night. We got there early so were hanging out by the water watching the as the sun began to set. The color of the sky and the water was just breath taking. I love the water and beach. I really think I should have been born a mermaid. ;)

<3 Diane

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