1st Beach Day of the Season! (Photoshoot, Pics)

Oh what a long, cold East Coast Winter it was!! I've been itching to have a true Summer beach day since..oh say OCTOBER!? So when I saw the weather for the past Sunday was around 80 I said to my boyfriend a favorite phrase and one of my most very favorite past times in life: "BEACH DAY!!!!!!!"

We didn't get to sleep til late the night before since we were down the shore on Point Pleasant Boardwalk (pics from that here) but it still didn't stop us from getting up at 6am to get ready and head back down the our favorite beach. Parking later on in the morning can be difficult so we wanted to beat the crowd and traffic, which we successfully did by the time we got ready and got down there around 8:30am.

I have been working out like crazy and really eating healthy for the most part. My body still isn't where I want it to be but I wasn't completely mortified of the idea of myself in a bathing suit so that is a plus. We didn't go full fledge swimming in the water but went in up to our knees. The water was FREEZING!!

But still, just relaxing on the beach under my umbrella, watching the ocean and playing in the sand. It is so relaxing and nothing is better. The sun felt great, even with my SPF70. I get so paranoid about sun burns. Especially because of all the anti-aging products I use on my face that can make my skin even more sun sensitive, it is super important for me to stay protected!!

My boyfriend however really wanted a tan and thought SPF 8 would be okay. He wouldn't listen to me about using higher, especially the first time out. So he did wind up with a sun burn. I told him to use pure Argan Oil on the burn and though skeptic he tried it in spots and the spots where the Argan Oil was applied were significantly less red than the the spots where he put his aloe gel!! I love you, Tommie. ;)

I never bother with much makeup at the beach. It's nice to be natural. I did use the It Cosmetics original CC Cream with SPF, brow power pencil & the waterproof Tightliner Mascara. I also had a nice Doll10 gloss in my bag I kept applying for moisture. That gloss tastes delicious- like doughnuts! So hard not to lick it all off.

Hair wise- this was third day hair. I woke up in the morning and didn't put much in it but applied A LOT of the Ouidad Sun Shield Spray every hour. That is my holy grail beach hair product. It has a mix of amino acids and moisturizers and also UV inhibitors to protect the hair from the sun, salt water and wind! A completely must! If I was going in the water and wetting my hair I would have applied deep conditioner prior. Stay tuned soon for a complete Summer Hair Care Tip Post!

Anyway, so we had an amazing first beach day despite his sun burn! Of course I asked Tommie if we can play photo shoot for a bit and he happily agreed. He's the best!

<3 Diane

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