Beach Day! First Time in 6 Years... (lots of pics)

Finally got back to the beach yesterday! We couldn't go last Sunday because Tom was still recovering from sunburn (btw, Josie Maran whipped Argan Oil Body Butter heals it beautifully) and it was also Father's Day, so I had a very long two weeks not getting to the beach. We woke up yesterday morning and the weather app was saying cloudy until 10 or 11am and only a high of 75 degrees but I was so desperate to go I just didn't care!!  I begged and begged and finally Tom agreed. By the afternoon, the clouds were gone and we had clear blue skies, it was a bit windy but a beautiful beach day! He makes fun of me and says the only thing that can get me up before sunlight without kicking and screaming in the morning is going to the beach, and he is right.

Also, for the first time in six years I felt brave enough to wear a bikini on the beach! I have 1,001 issues about my body, I won't go there with this post but I am extremely self conscious and usually only wear tankinis or one pieces. So to me, this was a pretty big deal. I still have a way to go to getting my body back to when it was it's thinnest (around 2008. le sigh.) but I am making progress!

Makeup wise as always I keep it SUPER simple. It Cosmetics "Your Skin But Better" CC Cream with SPG 50, It Cosmetics Waterproof Tightline Eyelash Primer, It Cosmetics Brow Power and some gloss. I used a gloss from Doll 10 today, it was part of the 2 part lipstick-lipglosses but I left the lipstick at home so it wouldn't melt. I love how glossy they are and delicious they taste. Tommie jokingly asked why can't I just wear this little makeup and get ready so quick every day. If only every day were a beach day, right!?

Hair wise, I went with Day 4 hair since I washed it on Thursday. While at the beach I kept rotating between using Ouidad Sun Shield Spray and the DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Deep Conditioner. Since it wasn't super duper warm, I didn't wet my hair in the Ocean.

When we got to Tommie's after the beach, I knew I had to wash my hair. I couldn't just wait until the next day, Monday, my usual wash day because I knew what a beyond tangled mess it would be if I did. So at his house, I washed with the Living Proof Restore Shampoo. I was AMAZED how super soft my hair felt, and how little tangles there actually were- I think this was from the Sun penetrating the Heaven in Hair into my blonde locks. After I rinsed the shampoo, I used A LOT of the DevaCare One Condition Conditioner and didn't rinse it out. It was late by then and I was exhausted. To be 110% honest, I didn't feel like applying so many products in my hair, scrunching and all the work. So I just put a little bit of pure Argan Oil in my hair, braided it and called it a day. You can see a picture of that at the end of this post. I wound up re-washing my hair today because without products my hair was just way too frizzy and big to deal with.

some beach bag essentials

 I can't wait for the next beach day! It really is my happy place and favorite place to be!

<3 Diane

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