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excited to go use my coupon!
Last week I did a blog post with video showing the most awesome box I ever received courtesy of Influenster! The box contained a Victoria's Secret Sports Bra and more goodies- you can check out that unboxing post here. In this post I will be reviewing the bra and socks I received, and also telling you all about my fun time going to the Victoria's Secret store to use the 25% off coupon that was also in the box!

The Angel Bra
ready to use my coupon!
So the bra style they sent me to review was called "The Angel" and it has medium support, an adjustable back closure, and is made of special fabric to keep you cool and dry during your workouts. I LOVE this bra! They sent me the size 34A and it fit perfectly! I usually go back and forth between 34A and 32B, as they are sister sizes in the brand Although I work out in my basement and no one else really sees me, this bra really makes "the girls" look their best! I think the criss cross shape on the back is super cool and love that the adjustable closure really helps the bra conform to my body in case I am a little bloated and my boobs are swollen at certain times of the month. Using this bra during my cardio workouts the first thing that came across my mind was regret I didn't have this bra sooner. Seriously, all my non VSX sports bras aren't going to get any love any more since discovering these. #SportBraBreakup !! I don't have the biggest chest (clearly, as you read my cup size above) but during high intensity cardio workouts I always felt my chest bounce all over the place and quite frankly, IT HURT! Well, not any more!!!! This bra helped the girls stay in place throughout the whole workout and I felt less pain as a result. What's more is the fabric really did keep me feeling more dry than usual. I have my dad's genetics and I sweat like a man (thank you daddy) but I didn't have the wet line on the bottom of my bra after my workouts like I usually do and I worked out just as hard, if not harder than usual!

The pack of socks that I received was also awesome. Aside from the beautifully bright colors, I like that the material of the socks didn't leave my feet feeling sweaty and gross and I really appreciate the little flap over the ankle so the top of back of my sneaker does not dig into my leg and hurt!

Now back to the coupon use. It was 25% off any one Victoria's Secret Sport item. I walked into Victoria's Secret like I always do and got happily overwhelmed. Seriously, I wanted everything! So many pretty colors and different styles. How can a girl possible chose?!

The sales associates were very friendly but I didn't need much of their help. Once I am in Victoria's Secret I am good to go! =D I was in the store quite a while. I just kept walking around and looking at everything and having a great time.

My wonderful boyfriend agreed to take the trip with me and snapped some pictures of me looking around and trying to decide...

I then saw a cute pair of boxing gloves I just HAD to try on. Luckily, the sales associate was cool with it. These gloves make me want to learn to box. Black and glitter and pink! Oh my!

I finally decided to use my coupon on the bra that is called "The Player" in a perfect hot pink color. I went with the size small and it fits great. This bra has medium support, a cute open back, a four way stretch Nylon fabric and a double layer of the Body-Wick fabric to keep you cool.

BUT my shopping spree didn't stop there! I was in Victoria's Secret the night before the semi annual sale and there was a bin of from VSX bra's ON SALE!! ON SALE?!?! Yes! So I had to go through the bins and find my size and get a few more. I wound up getting the bra called "The Standout Sport Bra" in a vibrant bright yellow and a pretty mint green. THEY WERE HALF OFF! SCORE!!! I couldn't decide between colors so I got them both 0=) This bra has maximum support with adjustable straps, gel underwire for shape and support, the same Nylon fabric with 4 way stretch and Body-Wick to keep you cool and dry as the other bras. I got both of these bras in 32B and they fit me just as well as the 34A I got in the Angel bra.

When I went to ring up my order, the nice girl at the reigster gave me a free energy bar! Yummy! I also used my Victoria's Secret Angel credit card because with the way I love Victoria's Secret it doesn't pay not to have it! I get a $15 reward because I am an "Angel Forever" card holder, which is the top level of the card and I also get double or triple the reward points on all my bra purchases! Double win!!

I had a great time shopping at Victoria's Secret and feel so fortunate Influenster and Victoria's Secret picked me to be one of the #VSSportTester ladies!

If you work out, I can't recommend enough giving the Victoria's Secret Sport Bras a go with your workouts. Your body will thank you and they are so cute and pretty! There are so many different styles to pick, you are bound to fall in love with one!

Be sure to check out my video review of my shopping trip and haul below too:

#VSSportBra #Influenster #VSSportTester

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

<3 Diane

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