Nubian Heritage Strengthen & Grow Line Review

"The Nubian Heritage Grow & Strengthen line with Indian Hemp & Tamanu plus Bamboo, Monoi and Garlic Extract has become one of my favorite hair care lines out there.
Why? Because not only is it mostly natural, never contains sulfates, silicones, parabens, polymers, phthalates, petroleum, dea, artificial fragrance PVPs or synthetic colors, it is color safe, cruelty free  and also is enhanced with so many beneficial great-for-my-hair ingredients that my waves can't get enough. And as an extra bonus, it's SUPER affordable too!!! says  that they "remix indigenous ingredients born from healing traditions around the globe to create products that meet the skin and hair care needs of women and men" and that their "ingredients and inspiration come from across the world and are rooted in their customers’ cultural healing practices."
I am on a neverending quest to grow my hair as long and strong as it can be so the fact these products are specifically designed to not only to grow hair from the scalp but also helps prevent breakage from the length (equally important for hair growth) has me thrilled. I have noticed less shedding since incorporating these products into my routine. They also smell lovely- very fresh, not overwhelming, too perfumey or offensive...

to continue reading and hear my thoughts and reviews of all the products, continue over to article here!

<3 Diane

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