Finally a Trim & Roots Touched Up! (pics)

Finally! I procrastinated getting a much needed trim for months. Before this weekend when my boyfriend trimmed my last, last trim was the first week of February! So we are talking OVER 5 months when I prefer to go 3 to 4. But like most curly girls, I dread trims. I am trying to grow my hair as long as possible and so often people "trim" way more than they need to. My stylist, Lisa, is very good at trimming my hair but I got impatient and had Tommie do it, he does a good job at it! He took off even a bit less than he probably could have but no way am I complaining. After the Summer with the Ocean, waterparks and pools I know I will need another trim probably in September. My hair was begging for the trim though- extra tangles, the ends are dry to the point of no return, even more shedding than usual, and not behaving properly. It's been much better now.

Also, you guys probably noticed how long my roots were getting. I waited 9 weeks for color and should have went in sooner. As much as I enjoy my salon, it gets boring sitting there while the color sinks in for hours so I procrastinated. But now my dark roots are gone too! Yay! I air dried my hair after Lisa did a scrunch set on me and used the Devacurl products in my hair.

As much as I LOVE my light blonde, I am considering going a little bit darker for fall and winter. If I go a little bit darker I can go back to the organic color and won't need lightener anymore. So I'm thinking about that.As long as my natural red tones don't show through I'll be okay. Looking at my roots Lisa said my natural hair has so much red (I am naturally strawberry blonde) but I personally can't stand the red tones in there so I do whatever it takes to get rid of them! To each their own, right!?

Check out my video too where I discuss the trim, the roots and exciting news!

<3 Diane

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