How to: Long Wearing Pink Lips featuring It Cosmetics!

 Check out this quick tutorial on how I get long lasting, pretty pink lips using three It Cosmetics amazing lip products!

Step 1: Take the It Cosmetics "Your Lips But Better" Anti-Aging Waterproof Lip Liner in "Pretty in Pink" Outline the shape of your lips first and then fill them in.

This color is beautiful all on it's own, but will be the foundation for the staining effects and super pink lips!
 Step 2: Take the It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Lipstick in the shade "Ja Ne Sais Quoi" and go over your lips a few times. This adds some moisture thanks to the butters and oils inside and helps brighten and intensify the pink!
 Step 3: Take the It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Gloss Stain also in the shade "Ja Ne Sais Quoi" and go over your lips. This will add even more staining properties, as the liner and lip flush are staining already but it will also add a beautiful glossy finish and make your lips appear to look more full. It also smells like delicious vanilla!
Step 4: Enjoy long lasting, pretty pink lips! The color will last for hours and hours- even through eating and drinking. The shiny gloss part will wear off but you can also reapply that.

Check out my video below to see my apply the steps in action:

<3 Diane

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