I am It Cosmetics Blogger of the Month!!

It Cosmetics is one of my very favorite cosmetic brands! When they asked me if I wanted to be their Blogger of the Month on facebook for July 2014, it was A DREAM COME TRUE!!

I've seen other bloggers of the month like my friend MusingsOfAMuse and also big time bloggers like MakeupByTiffanyD. Truth be told, I never thought I was big enough or good enough to ever be asked. The fact this happened to me made me feel so grateful, thankful and humbled. It make me feel really good about myself which doesn't always come easy for me (I grew up with NO self estreem whatsoever!)

This (above) is my feature on the It Cosmetics Facebook Page, I hope you like it!

I also have been doing some extra special videos on It Cosmetics, check out my youtube playlist with ALL my It Cosmetics videos here:

And thank you all so verymuch for your support, comments, and kind words. They mean the world to me and I know something like this could never happen without all of you!!!

<3 Diane

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