Vacation Day 2, 3 & 4 Hair, Makeup, Outfit Pics/Photoshoot

Here is my second day of Vacation blog! If you missed the first day blog with tons of pics, you can view it here.

Day 2 and 3 during the day we were at waterparks and dolphin watching and I was not glammed up at all! But it's fun just having a nice time and not having to worry about hair and makeup. Well I did have makeup on for the boat ride but the hair was a lost cause. Of course, I tried to make myself look nice for night time and we had a blast on the beach and boardwalk again...

 The pics above we decided to ride the ferris wheel. I don't have a fear of heights, but this particular evening it was SUPER SUPER SUPER windy!!!! I didn't realize just how windy it was until we got stuck on the top and we were swaying quite a bit. You can see the fear in my face as I gripped the sides of our car for dear life. I was so happy when it was done, but man the view from the top of that thing was breath taking from all angles.

 The two pics above, we played a lot in the arcades. This new machine you put quarters in and a bouncy ball drops down. It bounces and bounces until it winds up in a hole and each hole is a different number ranging from small to huge. I didn't get the mega jackpot, but I left with a lot of tickets!!

The three pics above is the day we went on a boat to go dolphin and whale watching! We didn't see a whale but we saw so many dolphins, I loved it!! The boat ride I found to be super relaxing, I could have easily taken a nap! The dolphins were so cute swimming in big groups. I didn't know there were dolphins in New Jersey! The boat guide said they only stay in warm weather. It made me SUPER sad to learn that while these dolphins in their natural habitats can live til 50, dolphins in sea parks and such where they are trained and not out in the ocean usually only live until 10! It made me start to cry =/

Here is a photoshoot we attempted on the beach. This was another really, really windy evening as you can tell by my dress and hair in some of the pics.

 The dress is from a brand called Apt9 at Kohls. I actually saw my friend Sara wearing this dress when we went for coffee one day and I loved it so much I asked her where it was from then went to Kohls the next day. It was on sale too, and a coupon! =)

i love this pic because between the lighting and the flash, I don't know what happened but it made me look fake like a doll! this picture (and all of them actually) are all unedited or touched in any way.

Makeup wise everything is the same as day one except for the lips and eyeshadow so if you would like the details, be sure to check out the vacation day 1 post.

 Hair wise honestly this was not my best hair day! My hair was driving me nuts and the wind was no help. I washed it after the waterpark, using living proof restore shampoo, devacare one conditioner to detangle and then style wise used living proof restore treatment mask as a leave in with prime, restore cream, original moxie hold up serum, and argan oil. The roots were still a bit wet here but the front hairline pieces were misbheaving particularly bad. I do usually have issues with them but even worse for whatever reason. I also used the DevaCurl Set Up & Above pomade AND some of my boyfriend's hair spray to try and get my hair to look decent. After the photoshoot, I just tied it back in a messy bun and called it a night. Perhaps my hair was mad at me for the over chlorinated water parks and such?

I should have one or two more vacation blogs coming soon so be sure to keep an eye out for them! =)

<3 Diane

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