Hair of the Day -Day 1 Pics (ft SheaMoisture & Briogeo)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't really been posting hair of the day pics and photo shoots here. After our lovely vacation and how patient and kind he was taking tons of pics for me, I decided to give my boyfriend/forced-into-it photographer a few weeks rest. That AND I have been doing really intense workouts causing me to sweat and needing to wash my hair more, so I am still working out a good hair wash schedule and stuff.

Lets say what needs to be said first: Yes, I know my roots desperately need to be touched up! I am going on Thursday. I may or may not wind up going a darker shade of blonde for Fall and Winter/make it less damaging, we will see and of course it will be posted on here.

So I have been playing around with the three new products from Briogeo and the new SheaMoisture lines from CVS & Ulta for the past few weeks. The products are working very well for my hair!

I have been slightly hoarding the Restore, Strengthen & Grow line by SheaMoisture at CVS with the Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale this week!!!! Don't forget if your local CVS is sold out GET A RAINCHECK!!!! ;)

 My review videos have slowly been coming out on my YouTube and I will have my blog write ups to go along with them soon.

So this is Day 1 air dried hair. My day 1 hair has become a lot less puffy and frizzy than it used to be! Here is what I did:

Shampoo: SheaMoisture SuperFruit Complex 10 in 1 Shampoo (the ulta line)

Conditioner: SheaMoisture Strengthen Grow & Repair Masque. I am LOVING this masque!!! Check my video review as to my thoughts on it and the whole collection. Was outside in the sun with it on about an hour letting the sun's heat penetrate the mask for even better absorption. 

Style: SheaMoisture Strengthen, Grow & Repair Leave In Conditioner, Living Proof Prime Style Extender, SheaMoisture S G & R Styling Lotion, SheaMoisture Curl Mousse, Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel, Briogeo Rosarco Oil.

Applied section by section raking the products through and scrunching. Plopped hair then air dried. Once hair was air dried hours later I went back with the SheaMoisture Extra Moisture Styling Milk on the ends and hairline because they were still looking a wee bit dry.

Tommie and I had fun snapping pictures in my backyard.I hope you enjoyed this blog post!! =)

outtake ;)

<3 Diane

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