The Ultimate It Cosmetics Brush Video!!

As you probably know by now, IT Cosmetics is one of my very favorite makeup brands! Their brushes are one of my very favorite things they make too (and it is hard for me to narrow that down!)

Why do I love their brushes so much? Well they are softer than anything I ever felt before in my life, are cruelty free and not made with animal hair. There is something about the thought of using makeup brushes with animal hair that weirds me out. They help my makeup go on that much better and blend out everything from foundation to bronzer to eyeshadows so effortlessly. Plus they are just so elegant looking I feel luxorious each day when I use them. They make applying my makeup in the morning a ritual I really look forward to! As long as you take care of these beauties, I think they will last a lifetime!

 I decided to do a video talking about all of the different IT brushes and the way I like to use each one. I hope you find it helpful!

<3 Diane

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