Hair of The Day Pics ft Raw Curls Organics

I haven't taken many hair of the day pics lately. Mainly because I am just not happy with this current color. If you missed what happened and all that, check this post here.

But in the mean time, despite not liking my color I am still testing products, etc. I have been using a brand new hair care line for almost 2 weeks and I am super impressed with them. It's curly girl method approved brand with no sulfates, silicones, parabens, or anything bad whatsoever! It may be the cleanest products marketed to curly hair ever right now and I now have two holy grails from it.

I will be uploading and revealing the brand later on this week, so check back to this post and make sure you are subscribed to my youtube to stay informed!

In the meantime, pics. These were actually taken a few days ago, before this massive wave of super high humidity came to the New York area. The humidity is so bad even my boyfriend's straight hair is starting to wave- so forget about mine!

These are all day 1 hair. I used the conditioner as a leave in, an anti frizz product, the mousse and gel from the brand. Sealed with argan oil and fully air dried. I then applied some of the brand's shine serum on my hair once it was dry!

**UPDATE** The brand I used is called Raw Curls Organics! Their products are clean and work so extremely well. Check out my video review here:

<3 Diane

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