Mally Beauty Instant Impact Lipstick Duo

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Mally Beauty lip products are some of my favorite products she makes! I was really excited to be able to try two of the new Instant Impact Lipsticks, available on QVC! They come in duos in the set I have: coral/nude and there is also another set with raspberry/rose which I really want. 
So what makes these lipsticks special? This is what has to say:  "Lipstick is here to stay, and creating a formula that had visual and sensorial impact was the goal of this product. Instant Impact Lipstick's creamy, delicious formula boasts a very high pigment load but makes the lips look luscious, not dry. It gives a rich and luxurious color payoff with a shine and fullness that can only be found at Mally.

Who is it for: Any woman who wants gorgeous, luscious lips that look and feel moisturized.

Why is it different: Formulated with vitamin E, mango butter, and almond

oil, these Instant Impact Lipsticks feel comforting while nourishing your lips so they stay moisturized."

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What do I think? I love how easy they are to apply, crayon type lipsticks are one of my favorite lipstick applicators. The colors are super, super pigmented and they are pretty long wearing. They did stay on quite a while before wearing away. If you are familiar with Mally's lip magnifiers, these are very similar except they don't need to be sharpened like that magnifiers do. I didn't find them to be drying on my lips, but I also do not think they are the most moisturizing of her lipstick formulas. But for the pigmentation and long wear of the color, I don't mind.  As far as colors are concerned- in the set I got, "Fierce Pinky Coral" is beautiful! I am glad this color is a lot more on the pink side and not so much coral- it is a beautiful Diane color: bright pink with cool blue undertones. Unfortunately I am just not a huge fan of the "Extreme Nude" shade in this set. I generally don't like nude lipsticks unless they have a good pink hue to them and this is more on the straight up classic nude side. I wound up giving this color to a friend who I know will love it. 

 For more information and details check out my video below:

Disclaimer: the products in this blog & video were sent to me for review consideration. I am not endorsed or sponsored by any company and receive no monetary compensation for my reviews. All opinions and words stated are my own truthful thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane

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