My Skincare Routine ~ September 2014

My skin care routine is very important to me. Our skin is our largest organ and we wear it every single day (just like our hair) and I want it to look the best it possibly can!  I have combination, acne prone skin that also gets shiny very easily.  For the past few months, I have perfected a routine that works extremely well for me featuring products from TATCHA and Proactiv+ as well as a few others.

I actually started using good moisturizers and eye creams since I was 13. I saw my mom always using them and I wanted to. Thanks mom. However, much to my regret now there was a year or two in my high school days that I LOVED tanning beds and tanning outside. BAD!! But  I didn't know better. At least it wasn't any longer than that but I know I have that past damage I have to deal with and work to correct. Every single day now, rain or shine, summer or winter I use SPF30 on my face now. 

"Beauty Tool" wise I simply can't be without my clarisonic or NuFace. I use my clarisonic every single night to rid my face of makeup and environmental toxins that build up throughout the day. Seeing the brush head turn from white to makeup color at the end of my cleansing is extremely rewarding, as silly as that sounds. If there is a rare night I don't use it, my skin honestly doesn't feel as clean.

The NuFace Microcurrent face lift device has truly helped the tone and contour of my face. I use it between 3 and 5 days a week for 20 minutes, depending on my week.

Check out my video before for details about the products I use and order I order them below:

<3 Diane

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