Hair of The Day Pics: Looser Waves

Truthfully, this isn't hair of today specifially, it's hair of a few days ago because I have been sick with a nasty virus all week. But I haven't really taken hair pics in a while so here they are.

If you notice my hair looks less curly than it used it, that is intentional. They say variety is the spice of life and I have been enjoying wearing it in looser looking waves lately. I like that the looser waves makes my hair look longer. It's really easy for me to achieve this look- I rake product in my hair after the shower and I don't scrunch as much. Also, due to lack of time lately and me preferring to air dry- towel drying my hair prior to applying product (inside of apply product of soaking wet hair) has been allowing it to air dry quicker and it's just been working out a bit better like this. But don't worry, I still sometimes of course wear my natural curls!

 I also need a good cut. Sometime soon after my birthday the end of January I am going to suck it up and cut off some of the really unhealthy ends. Healthy hair will look better than longer hair with damage. It will always grow back healthier =) I am off bleach now (at least for the new regrowth. the lengths of course will still have old bleach) and the salon I have been going to uses a hair color by L'Oreal called "INOA" which is ammonia free, oil based and so much healthier for my hair!!!
 This is day 2 hair. I used a mix of Kerastase and Living Proof products. Soon I will do more blog posts with details on products used in pictures. I have been LOVING Kerastase lately, I understand what all the hype is about them! Apologies I don't have the exact products to list now. The makeup I am wearing is all by It Cosmetics, specifically new things from the January 19 special QVC kit which will have a review up on that day. ;) Shirt I am wearing is from Express.
I am also off the curly girl method for the time being. Hair changes, and what work can change and I always am a believer of doing what works best for you and your own hair. My hair was really misbehaving a couple months ago (I don't think I want to discuss it in detail) and I had to change up something, so for now, non CG seems to be working for me. Hair care is all about trial and error and experimentation!
Thank you for reading!

<3 Diane

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  1. Your hair is flawless!! The wave are really nice, I am super curious to see your new routine! <3


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