Hair Products Review: Kerastase Resistance Line

Last month I reviewed some Kerastase products, you can read all about them hereBeing that I am still on a nice Kerastase kick since I have been loving the results and I did buy other products during my Black Friday Haul (side note: I may or may have completely overdone it). I have more product reviews to share!

Résistance Force Architecte

This line is made supposed to give strength back to damaged hair. Ideal for those with brittle, damaged hair and split ends. My hair is super damaged, dry and prone to breakage split ends so this line really did appeal to me. Sometimes I mix these with the products from the Discipline line (from my last review) to get the benefits of repairing the hair as well as anti-frizz!

The Key Technology: Complexe Ciment-Cylane

  1. Intra-Cylane: recreates a holding structure around each breakage point
  2. Pro-Keratin: fills in the gaps in the cortex
  3. Ceramides: build external cohesion and smooth the surface cuticle

For my detailed review of the Bain Force Achitecte, Masque Force Architecte, Ciment Thermique, Resistance Fibre Architecte, plus the Elixir Ultime and update on the Initialiste, continuing reading my article on HERE

 By the way, it is no secret that Kerastase isn't inexpensive. I have found a website, that sells the products at a better price. I ordered from them and from what I am able to tell, they products look authentic. I purposely ordered the same products I got from the official Kerastase site to compare the bottles, labels, texture and smell of the product. I am not endorsed or sponsored by this site in any way, I just like sharing discounts :)

<3 Diane

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