My Favorite Conditioners for Curly Wavy Hair

pic from Sept 2014
Conditioner is a curl's best friend. Having naturally more dry hair than our straight hair buddies, it is important to stay properly hydrated and moisturized so our hair does not become dry, brittle or experience breakage.
There are various forms of conditioners and of course I have my favorites so I will cover all of it in this article.
My favorite way to apply any conditioner is raking it through section by section- 2 sections in the lower back, left side, right side, back of the top of the head, left front side and left back side. This makes sure all my hair gets coated evenly and also helps to detangle at the same time.
CLICK HERE to read my article on all about my favorite cleansing, leave in, rinse out and deep conditioners and why I like to use each one.

<3 Diane

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